The Station Street Men’s Shed Inc. was originally established in 2013 as an affiliate of the Canning Agricultural, Horticultural and Recreational Society Inc. (CAHRS).  The premises are provided by CAHRS in return for a peppercorn rent, assistance with the annual Canning Show and occasional maintenance of their equipment and facilities.

The Station Street Men’s Shed Inc. is located within the grounds of CAHRS on the corner of Albany Highway and Station Street, Cannington.  The best entrance is via the Station Street gate 3 at the northern end of the grounds.


Dave on  0417 978 677      or      Kevin on  0412 919 070
PO Box 430, CANNINGTON  WA  6987


The objectives of the Shed are to advance the health and well-being of our members by providing a safe and happy environment where men can, in the company of other men,

  • Pursue hobbies, pastimes and interests
  • Learn new skills, practice and pass on old skills
  • Learn about their own and other men’s health and well-being
  • By their efforts, contribute to their families, their friends, the Shed and their community
  • Mentor younger men


Woodworking room, Machine room, Welding shop, Craft room, Library and the meeting room.

Opening times: Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:30am to 12:00pm.
Usually closed for two weeks from late December to early January.


Most men undertake their own projects and occasionally respond to requests for assistance with community needs.

Everyone who is able assists with the annual Canning Show in November.

There is a strong relationship with the local major hardware store.  They sometimes ask for assistance with their activities.  We run several sausage sizzles each year to raise funds.

If you arrive at about 10.00 am you will find us in the meeting room, enjoying a cup of tea and catching up on news about coming events.

We have a strong safety culture, a defibrillator and regular electrical testing of all cords and power tools.

We have an Activities Organiser who organises regular outings and guest speakers.


There is minimal cost to become a member and membership is renewable on an annual basis.

We have an elected committee and Office Bearers who organise most activities at their monthly meeting.  Sometimes we decide on issues by discussion and vote at the morning tea break.